Southern Antiques & Accents

Fairhope, Alabama


251 Greeno Rd S
Fairhope, AL 36532

Patio and Rustic Antiques - Signs, Shutters, Doors, Window Frames, and Metal Décor

From antiques to scrap

We carry a huge variety for artists, collectors, decorators, DIYs and you to fight over.

From the rustic, wooden, metal, modern, antique, primitive, weathered, shiny, painted, chippy to the downright falling apart... it is all screaming for your attention.


From new to old

Hanging on our walls you'll find signs for man caves, kid's rooms, garages, offices, businesses, shops, and for the discerning.

If you're an Alabama or Auburn fan we can hook you up!

Shutters, Doors, and Window Frames

Decorators wanted! Artists Wanted!

Ohh-la-la! We are a decorator and artist best friend... you'll find not only what you're looking for, but also that unexpected, surprising one-of-a-kind, unique piece that will delight you.

From our antique wooden shutters to our chippy doors and our single-pane wooden antique windows, they can stand on their own as accent piece or to be used in creating your master piece.

Metal Décor

Functional and artistic

Metal is unique. It can be a functional gate or a unique wall hanging.

It's amazing how every person has a different vision for a metal piece.

Such as a metal boat prop becomes a lamp, a metal basket becomes a chandelier, a metal drawer becomes an accent piece, metal tubs become a bar cooler, an iron bed becomes a garden trelis, a garden trelis becomes a head board, a watering can becomes a planter, an enamel pot becomes a fruit bowl, a wagon wheel becomes and outdoor lighting, a metal ladder becomes a pot rack, a pot rack becomes an herb drier, and a metal table bring friends together... the options are endless.