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Fairhope, Alabama


251 Greeno Rd S
Fairhope, AL 36532

Rent a Space in our Antiques Mall in Fairhope, Alabama

Why becoming a dealer or merchant at our antique mall provides you with a destination with unique advantages to your antiques business.

Besides offering a uniquely convenient location in Fairhope right on HWY 98, with high tourist and transient traffic, Fairhope already is a destination for both neighboring cities and tourists alike.

Call us for an in-depth analysis of your business potential with us. For now some of the features and advantages we offer are:

Things offered to our Dealers by SAA

  • They go under our business License.
  • They go under our business License.We pay all City, County and State taxes.
  • We pay all overhead- Garbage, water, sewer, electric, credit card machine fees, phone, internet, advertizing, rent on building, privilege taxes, and asset taxes andbank fees and all employees payroll.
  • They do not pay Credit or Debit fees.
  • They do not have to recover money from bad checks.
  • We keep the store clean.
  • We keep the restrooms clean and decorated.
  • We are open 7 days a week.
  • We wait on and help all customers.
  • We load and deliver furniture.
  • We do social media.
  • We do store events.
  • We rearrange your booth when something sells out of it, so it always looks good.
  • We email them every night with their sales.
  • They promptly get paid on the 5th of each month.
  • We belong to the downtown Merchants association and are located on the maps.
  • We put out rack cards at local hotels and at local welcome center and state line welcome centers.
  • We comply with all government codes and stays current with cost on all fire extinguishers.
  • We pay for liability insurance on the property.
  • We pay for all paper products.
  • Their bill is the same every month.
  • Management with vast experience and truly friendly approach
  • One story building
  • Large and wide isles for easy access to booths
  • Well lit
  • Dealers are not required to work at the store but are encouraged to attend store events
  • The rent is deducted from the sales checks
  • Monthly computer print out

Since they rent a booth they have a business address they can qualify for a TAX Exempt FORM and buy wholesale.

They only have to keep their booths stocked, clean, organized and tagged.Where else can you open up your own mini store in Fairhope or anywhere else for such a small amount?

Merchandise Pictures: Pictures of your merchandise is required for a antique mall space rental consideration, please send them to:

Rent an Antiques Mall Space

Please include your Name and Contact Information.
PHONE: (251) 517-7047
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